~ I flew ~

I lay asleep, alone in dreams.

A place unreachable, it seems.

I fell. The fall would never cease.

And with each thought, the fear increased.

I let myself fall, with fear abounding.

I felt my life fade, with dark surrounding.

But then I saw light.

A star in the night.

I reached out my hand.

And caught hold a strand.

And there I remained.

The star called out my name.

He said he believed in me.

And with those words, I let myself free.

I dropped the chains of fear.

I’d trapped in my atmosphere.

And then I knew I had not been falling.

It had been my true self calling:

To fly! But I kept myself in fear, to drown.

My true self had been flying, but down.

I threw off the doubt, fear; now dead things.

And pulled off the chains, unfolded my wings.

And then…

I flew.


A Sunset On An Icy Beach!

Just a couple of pretty pictures I took when my brother Duke and I walked down to the beach to watch the sunset!

Now, which one of us do you think is the better photographer? 🙂




Last night, me, my brother Dorian, and my dad, went biking around our new neighborhood, (actually Dorian was on his 36″ wheel unicycle, here is his blog post about it). We had been biking for a while, when I noticed the colour of the sky; the horizon, where the sun was about to go down, was a beautiful mixture of bright pink, orange and yellow. I asked my dad if we could bike down to see the sunset, and he thought it was good idea, so we started biking west.


Since we have been staying at our new house by the beach, we have been able to go to the beach a lot, as our new house is only a ten minute walk from the beach.

When we got to the beach, the sky was amazing; above us, dark clouds rolled, to the west and north the brilliant colours of the sunset shone in a thin line on the horizon, the sun was still behind the dark clouds, but that didn’t hold back its light!_DSC0106

A little while later, we biked back to a pier, that is about one minute from our new house, and met two of my other brothers there. We walked out on the pier and watched the sun sink into the lake. We got some photos, but none of them could even get close to matching the glory and majesty of the view!



It was amazing to see the sun sinking quickly, and yet slowly, at the same time, I don’t think I could ever get tired of watching the sun set! I’m amazed at how God’s creativeness; how He can make hundreds and thousands of sunsets, and yet not one is the same as another. IMG_3734

Some sunsets are beautiful because of the many colours, others are because of the beautiful clouds, others are because of their beautiful surroundings, and some are beautiful because of a mix of all those. Imagine the sun sinking behind a mountain range, or on a prarie, or a lake, or a forest! _DSC0087

Just think, God could have made just one kind of sunset, God could have made the sun set behind blank, grey clouds every night. But instead he creates each sunset new and unique every night! God is so amazing, and seeing the magic He puts into things that happen every day makes me love Him more and more!



Funny quote:

My little brothers; Tobin and Tucker, probably about 7 and 5 at the time:
Tucker: “What is the Grand Canyon?”
Tobin: “A place you go to see the sunset!”


Just after sunset
Just after sunset

Twilight might be one of my favorite times of the day; for me, it is a time to snuggle up by the fire and read a book, to linger outside after a beautiful sunset, or sit outside and roast the last marshmallows by the dying fire 🙂


Certain nights, I’ll go out on the deck and listen to the frogs and crickets, while feeling the cool evening breeze on my face, it almost feels magical.  When I come back inside, I am met with a rush of warm air, and good smells, and a gentle yellow glow comes from a lamp in the corner, inviting me to come and read.

I can’t tell which I like more… the crisp, clear air, the sounds of crickets and frogs, and the clean invigorating smell of the outside, or the warm, cozy air, the smell of wood burning in the fireplace, the sound of quiet humming, crackling wood, and hushed conversation.


In the Fall I used to walk along a path that winds through our two forests, many times it would be after the sun had set. The forest on the western side of the path, would be lit softly by the fading light on the horizon, the forest on the eastern side would be dark and mysterious.  Both seemed enchanted in different ways; one seemed cold and dark, and the other seemed warm and inviting, like outside and inside, both made by God, and both perfect in its own way.

Magic, created by Jesus!

Sunset from the roof
Beautiful Alabama sunset!